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DOGSEAT™: Dog Seat Covers for Indoor/Outdoor Use


Why Do you need this?
Dogs love car rides, and some dogs just love it a bit too much. Keep your dog safe on the road with these covers and eliminate any chances of accidents.

Not only do they keep your dog safe while traveling at high speeds on the highway, but they also keep the seats protected, because we all know that accidents happen.

Enjoy safer rides with your pet and keep your car as clean as new!

☑️Keep your pup safe always – The seat covers have seat anchors and a snap buckle to keep your dog safe even if you bring the car to a halt. You never know when you will apply the brakes hard, so why not keep your pet safe anyways?

☑️No Sliding Allowed – The covers have a non-slip surface that prevents them from slipping away and they keep your dog steady at the same time.

☑️Premium, heavy-duty fabrics – The seat covers are made of heavy-duty fabric that’s dust and water-proof to keep your interior as clean as new.

☑️Install in seconds – Thanks to quick-release clips, you can simply snap the buckle straps around the headrests and tuck in the seat anchors to get the cover in place.

☑️Keep your car as clean as new – The side flaps keep the doors from scratches, hair, and anything else.

☑️Sharing is fun – The versatile split zipper hammock will make sharing the back seat easier as you can zip it up for a full hammock or zip it down for half/half so your passengers can share the seat with your dogs.

☑️Clean it in moments – All you need is a damp cloth or a vacuum to make the seat covers as clean as new.