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PAWRTABLE™: Rechargeable Portable Paw Cleaner

Black (Special Edition)
  • Why do I need this?

    Muddy paws ruin furniture, carpets and even car seats, don’t they? Dirty paws are history now with this USB-rechargeable paw cleaner cup. It’s designed with you and your dog in mind. It gently removes mud, dirt, sand and etc.and keeps your dog’s paws clean and minimizes the mess before breaking into your house, furniture and car seats.


    Say Goodbye to Muddy Paws:

    USB Rechargeable

    Now, you can enjoy all outdoor activities with your dog without stopping them from having the extra fun they want like covering their bodies in the mud or digging new holes. The USB rechargeable paw cleaner cup is ready on the go whenever you need it.

    Effective and Portable

    Remove dirt from the claws before touching the car, furniture or carpet and you can take it anywhere with you.

    Gentle Cleaning & Massage

    The soft silicone bristles gently clean your dog’s paws and give them a quick comfortable massage to stimulate their blood circulation as well

    Reduce Paw Soreness

    Removing sand, mud and dirt between toes and claws plays a key role in keeping your dog’s paws clean and also reducing paw soreness.

    One-hand Operation

    This paw cleaner is super easy to use and needs one hand only to operate it.

    Save Money

    This paw cleaner works on all pets not only dogs; plus, it will save you all the money you spend on cleaning carpets or car seats.

    1. 1. Does it work well for getting salt off paws? Ugh winter!!
      I just rinse mine with hot water each time I use it. I would think it would work well for removing salt.

      2. Do you have to replace the water with each paw? 

      It depends on how yucky the paws are.

      3. My dog needs shampoo on paws for fungal/bacterial infection. Would this work?

      This actually might work really well for that! U would have to rinse thoroughly but it would allow you to shampoo just the paws instead of the whole dog.

      4. Would this work okay for a breed with very short legs?

      It would work as long as you use enough water to fill it up near the top.

      5. Does this work for snowballs stuck to paws?

      It will melt them right away with warm water in the cup.