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The HOMEGROOMER™: Professional Electric Hair Clipper Trimmer

New Hair Trimmer

  • Why Do I need this?

    Taking Care of your dog’s coat is an essential part of caring for your dog. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and there seems to be no easy way to do it.

    Taking your dog to the groomer is time-consuming, money-wasting, and can even be dangerous, but who said there wasn’t a better way?

    Whether you’ve loved the HOMEGROOMER or have never heard of it, you will surely love this updated version that’s even quieter and easier to use thanks to the LCD screen, longer-lasting battery, and ergonomic grip.

    This new version has taken everything you’ve loved about the HOMEGROOMER and taken it to a new level, it’s improved in every meaning of the word. You asked, we answered!

    ☑️Practically Silent – This New Grooming tool is rated at 20-30 decibels, that’s as quiet as a whisper, quite literally. It’s One-sixteenth as loud as 70 dB, which is the EU standard!

    ☑️See everything – The smart LCD display shows you all the information you need to know while working, such as the speed and how many working minutes are left in the battery.

    ☑️Better Grip – The tool is designed with a better grip so you can get a perfect hold of it while grooming your dog for better control and precision.

    ☑️More Powerful Motor – The new motor is even more powerful and yet it is still quieter and gentler.

    ☑️Longer-Lasting Battery – This New Grooming kit will last 4 hours on a charge so you can even groom all your dogs in one session comfortably.

    ☑️Cordless and lightweight – The HOMEGROOMER™ is still cordless and lightweight so you can use them easily and move around your dog more freely.

    ☑️Use it wireless or wired – Forgotten to charge it and need to do some work with it really quickly? No problem! You can now use it wired and let it charge while you use it! 

    ☑️Comes with All the Goodies! – The HOMEGROOMER™ comes with 4 combs (3-6-9-13 mm).

    ☑️The perfect blade – The blade is made of ceramic and titanium, so it never heats up, never harms your dog, and never gets dull. It stays just as effective for years to come without requiring any effort from you.

  • Will it work on my cat, rabbit, or horse?

    Yes, The HOMEGROOMER™ comes with 4 different combs and is fairly powerful and can be used to trim the coat of any dog breed. It can also be used on cats, rabbits, and even horses (for horse manes - and they’re only a fraction of the price of the shockingly expensive horse clippers)

    Does it work with any breed?

    Yes. They are very versatile, and the 4 combs in different sizes make them effective when used on any breed as well as most other pets.

    Can this trimmer be used with 220v?

    Yes it works for 220 v with no problem

    Does it come with a Manual?

    Yes, They come with operation instructions in simple English.

    Will it scare my pet?

    No. Unlike other pet grooming tools, this is so quiet and low-vibration your dog won’t even notice it’s on most of the time.

    Will it harm my pet?

    Absolutely not. The tool doesn’t get hot, and the ceramic blades make sure it stays cool for long so it never harms their gentle skin.

    But really, how quiet is it?

    Time for some technical talk. These trimmers are rated at 50 dB (decibels). To Quote the University of Purdue, 50 decibels is fairly quiet - as loud as a quiet conversation in a suburban home.

    How long does shipping take?

    Shipping usually takes 6-18 days, but, you know, sometimes delays could happen. But we’re always eager to help solve any issues. Always feel free to contact us at

    Can I use it on matted coats?

    You shouldn't use any clippers on any matted fur. You can use a detangling spray and try to untangle the mats & knots. If this doesn't work, you can use the stainless steel scissors included with the tool to cut out the parts that can't be untangled.