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PAWGRND™: USB Rechargeable Nail Grinder For Dog

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 Nail Grinder For Dog

The amazing high USB rechargeable nail grinder for dog allows you to have the perfect grooming experience with guaranteed zero effort and a totally painless procedure and the results are amazing.  
Nail Grinder For Dog
pet hair trimmer

No need to visit a groomer again take care of your pooch’s nails your self-make it looks marvelous like everything else in them.

Benefits You Get:

 - Safe & Effective: Our Grinder is manufactured with Diamond Bit Grinder, which is safer and more effective than nail clipper to trim pet nails, reducing the risk of clipping the claws too short or hurt your pet.

- Make Nail Grinding Painless: If your pets are terrified of nail trimming, then we’ve got you covered. Try today this electric Nail Grinder For Dog and trim their nails nice, easy and painlessly. No more worries about overcutting, nasty. 

Nail Grinder For Dog

- Super Mute Motor: Our Nail Grinder For Dog is specially designed with low noise and low vibration, making your pet no fear to trim their nails.


- Easy to Clean: The piece over the stone can be removed for easy cleaning.