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GENTLEGRINDER™: The Gentlest Nail Grinder for All Pets

  • Pet Nail Trimming is always a risky business.

    But you can’t do it. Overly long nails are painful and cause all sorts of diseases.

    So, what to do? Using clippers needs some experience and intense focus as you can easily cut the quick, causing bleeding and excruciating pain to your pet.

    Don’t worry, There’s a better way!

    Using this Gentle Nail Grinder to effortlessly and painlessly shorten their nails and give them smooth.

  • Electric Dog Nail Grinder

    It’s the solution you have been looking for, even if you didn’t know it!

    Completely Safe:The files are surrounded by a protective sheath that prevents contact between your dog’s skin & fur and the files

    For all Pets:  Use it on dogs, cats, and other mammals as the protective sheath has three holes for different nail sizes, and you get three files in the box for all nail types.

    Bleeding? Never Again: See clearly where you’re working thanks to the illuminating LED lights that turn on automatically once you turn on the device.  Never again will you accidentally cut their quick.

    Get a Firm Grip:No shaking thanks to the textured rubber grip that allows you to get a firm grip for smooth nail filing session.

    Use it Comfortably: Use it whenever and wherever your pet is most comfortable thanks to the wireless design. 

    Effectively Gentle:File any nails thanks to the powerful motor that reaches 14,000 motor, providing the smoothest nail filing experience.

    Made to last:  The device was made with care; solid construction to make it last for long.

  • 1. Does this work well on larger dog breeds?

    Yes, it works very well for large breeds like Mastiff.

    2. Does this prevent you from cutting too far?

    It helps to see how far you are cutting, as it is slow to grind away nail.