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LINTSUCK™: Lint Remover for All Surfaces & Materials

Why Do I need this?

Pilling, fur, hair, dandruff, and dust can easily ruin the look of your favorite shirt or sweater, and it’s not like cleaning it is easy!

Keep your clothes looking like new with this amazing tool. Instantly remove pet hair or fur, dust, or pilling in seconds. Powerful enough to work with any material and the ergonomic design and large shaving area make using it a pleasure!


Use with any material or Surface

The powerful motor provides enough suction force to clean any material or surface without pressing too hard.


Use for long

Large storage box and long-lasting battery mean you can use it to clean all your clothes without interruptions.


Safe on Your Items

The double-protection design ensures your clothing items stay safe by preventing any contact between them and the rotating blades.



The ergonomic design makes it super easy to hold and use.


Clean in Seconds

Simply brush against your clothing once or twice to get it completely clean thanks to the powerful motor and large shaving area.


Intuitive to use

Simple one-button operation and LED light. Green light when working, Red when charging.


Will it pick up anything besides hair?

It picks up everything: hair, carpet fibers, kitty litter, etc.

Is this vacuum good for cleaning furniture?

Yes, for light cleaning.

Does it work well for car interior?

Yes! It works great for the interior of the car.