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The HOMEGROOMER™ Extra Blades: Wide & Narrow Extra Blades for the HOMEGROOMER.



Whatever your pet’s coat is, you will be able to give them the perfect hair grooming with these extra blades.

Two blades, narrow and wide will give you the ability to groom any pet effortlessly.

The wide-24-teeth blade will allow more hair to feed into the blade so you can use your HOMEGROOMER thicker and dirtier coats. The wide blade will give you a more layered and beautiful result.

The Narrow 33-teeth blade can be used on clean and smooth coats to give the coat a very polished look with a silky-smooth and soft touch.

The Blades are made from Ceramic, which means they stay cool for longer and won’t get hot like Stainless Steel blades. Added to the Ceramic is Titanium which keeps the blade sharper for longer.