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STICKYCLEAN™: Efficient Hair and Dirt Remover

Why do you need this?

Loose pet hair is a struggle for us pet owners, I had to have someone comment on a piece of hair stuck on a spot on my cloth at least once a week, tried everything from sticky rolls to several brushes.

Until one day someone gave me a tip that was a lifesaver while doing my laundry, it was a simple gadget I decided to give the STICKYCLEAN™ a try and see the results, I was shocked it is one of the most amazing inventions made for pet owners, and all I had to do is drop it in my washing machine on top of my clothes and let the magic happen.

The STICKYCLEAN™ Instantly removed the loose hair and some dirt and debris. I didn’t even notice, been using it for months now and it has never failed me, every time I do my laundry there is a new sensation of satisfaction as if I got a newly upgraded washing machine.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the STICKYCLEAN™ it is really easy and it only takes a couple of seconds.


Better Laundry Quality

Having all your laundry free of small dirt residues that are hard to see and excessive pet hair stuck on your clothes, it will grab it on both its sticky sides to pull the hair of your laundry and then allow the water in your washer to rinse it down the drain and also put it in your dryer as well.

Zero effort required

All you have to do is drop the STICKYCLEAN™ in the washing machine and your dryer along with the clothes and let it do all the work for you.

Time Saver

Do not require much time to clean or to set it up just unwrap the package and it is ready to use.

Save Money

You are actually paying extra hundreds of dollars per year that you could be saving on sticky rolls and brushes to excessively clean your cloth, that is not required anymore the STICKYCLEAN™ will do all of that for you during laundry.


It will not have any effect on your cloth any damage for example colors issues, does not ruin the fabrics and also it is made of high-quality materials that will not have any kind of harm on you or your cloth or even your washing machine.