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SMARTBOWL™: Smart Drinking Bowl for Pets

Why Do you need this?

Don’t you just hate it when you see them drinking from the toilet? Is your pet a messy drinker?

With summer just around the corner, you must have plans in motion on how to give your pet access to fresh water all the time.

This smart bowl will help you do just that. Give your dog access to fresh water all the time, prevent the mess, and help them quit drinking from the toilet.

It also keeps the water clean and stops any dirt, dust, or hair from getting into it.

☑️Smart Design – The smart design plays on your pets’ natural way of drinking water using their tongue. The more they drink, the lower it gets, making sure they have access to fresh water.

☑️Keep the water clean – Unlike traditional bowls, this prevents the dust and hair from getting into the water, keeping their water clean all the time.

☑️Fresh Water all the time – Give your pets access to fresh water all the time, especially in the hot weather of the summer.

☑️No more toilet water – Help your pets quit drinking from the toilet by giving them a better and more convenient alternative.

☑️Mess-free drinking – No more spills and splashes while drinking, even if they’re excited. Your floor and carpets will stay dry all the time.