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Training by Reward Interactive Treat Launcher


Positive reinforcement training is the most effective way to train your dog, and it gets you the best results over the long-term. This is why this treat launcher is important for every dog owner.

Instead of having the box of treats close by and have your dog rib through it and miraculously eat every treat there the moment you look away, this treat launcher allows you to have the toys where your dog can’t have it unless you give it to them.

It’s also pretty fun for dogs to catch things mid-air, so catching treats will be your dog’s new favourite game!


☑️Super Easy to Use – Simply fill the launcher with delicious treats and start using it. No Batteries, No recharging, it can’t be any simpler!

☑️Encourage good behaviour – Teach your dog that good behaviour = good things by giving them treats and praise when they obey commands and do good things.

☑️Catch the treats – Instead of catching plastic plates, your dog will start catching treats. We’re pretty sure most dogs would rather the latter.

☑️Make training fun – By making the act of giving them treats a game itself, you have doubled the fun your dog is having when training them. Make them love training!

☑️No more stealing – Gone will be the days of catching your dog ribbing through the treats box. The moment you turn away, they will find it and eat it, but this won’t happen when using this launcher.

☑️Bite-Resistant – We know your dog will try to get the toys out when you’re not looking, which is why this treat launcher is bite-proof.