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DRYPET™: A Hairbrush Dryer Combination, Silent, Gentle, and Effective 2-in-1 for All Pets.

  • Dog Hair Dryer

    Drying off your dog or cat after a bath is always an interesting challenge. You need 1 hand for the dryer, 1 hair for the brush, and 1 hand to hold and control your pup.

    Unfortunately, that’s one hand more than you have.

    If only there was a way to do the brushing and drying with one hand. Aah, if only!

    Oh, wait, there is! This DRYPET™ combines brushing and hair drying in one. It’s also specifically made for pets, so it’s much gentler on their skin than human hair dryers which can harm your pets even on their lowest settings.

    It’s also very lightweight and ergonomically designed to be very easily portable so you can use it easily and freely.

    ☑️Combine Brushing and Drying  This is the only tool you will need to dry your pet after giving them a bath.

    ☑️Needs one hand only  The ergonomic design and lightweight (only 13 ounces) make it super easy to use with one hand only.

    ☑️Designed for pets  Unlike human hair dryers, these can never harm your dog or cat because they were designed for them specifically.

    ☑️Take it anywhere  The lightweight and small size allow you to take it anywhere easily, simply throw it in a bag and you won’t even feel it’s there.

    ☑️A Shiny Coat  The slicker brush with fine wire bristles is great for getting rid of any debris, dead hair, and can even handle matted/knotted fur

    ☑️Gentle on their skin – With the slicker brush, Adjustable temperature of high and low settings, and slight angles, the tool is carefully designed to be super gentle to your furry friends. It collects everything in the easily removable filter. 

  • Will this work for the great Pyrenees?

    This will work for any type of cats and dogs. However, please note that the drying time will depend on the size of your pet.

    Can this dryer help with de-shedding?

    Yes, but if you have a dog with a thick coat it will take a while

    Would this be suitable for use two or three times a day in a grooming salon?

    Yes. Don't worry about that! he can keep working for more than 6hours!