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Professional Dog Grooming Clipper |Dog Grooming Kit


 Professional Dog Clippers


Are you tired of having to take your dog to the groomers?

Do you live just outside of town and it’s a really long drive to the nearest shaver for your dog?

Does your dog require constant shaving and it’s becoming too expensive for you?

No worries, we have the right do-it-yourself tool that will end all your pet shaving hassles,

It’s the professional dog clippers,

The hair clippers tool that will replace all the rest.

This Dog Grooming Kit is rechargeable low-noise will help you trim long nails that could be harmful without pain and will make you a pro groomer to take care of your pet personally and save some extra money.


Clipper Dog Grooming Kit Features 

Sharp blade and a powerful motor

Finley tuned and user-friendly

Battery powered



  • Sharp blade and a powerful motor

The sharp titanium acute-angle blade, as well as a movable ceramic blade on this Pet Hair Trimmer, guarantee a slick and easy shave while not conducting heat to your dog’s skin, Copper axis motor that provides fast yet quiet vibration, the volume of which is under 58db, gone are the days of the electric shaver scaring away your dog,

  •  this is Finley tuned and user-friendly

The fine tuning knob on this professional dog clipper offers 5 levels of hairdressing precision from 0.8mm to 2 mm for a sharp and exact shave, Along with four different comb attachments that range between 3 and 12 mm, there’ll be no haircut you can’t get on your pooch.

  • Battery powered

This dog hair trimmer is equipped with a 2000mah lithium battery that will provide 240 minutes of continuous operation and fully charges in only 3 hours, no more messy wires or bulky plugs, this will ensure free unobstructed operation.

 Get  the Dog Grooming Kit with:

  • 1 Rechargeable low-noise hair trimmer.
  • 1 hair trimmer charger.
  • 1 2000mah battery.
  • 1 hair trimmer cleaning brush.
  • 4 hair trimmer attachments ( 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm ).
  • 1 mini oiling tube for the blades.
  • 1 stainless steel comb.
  • 1 stainless steel pair of scissors.
  • 1 nail clipping plier.
  • 1 nail polishing tool.

This is not just a hair clipper; it’s the all-inclusive home grooming kit for your pet,

Save your time and money, forget all about the pet groomers and do it yourself instead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How noisy are the dog grooming clippers?
I rate the noise level close to quiet compared to clippers I've owned in the past. However, I cannot rate the performance more than a 3 due to the poor quality of attachment combs in grooming Westie and Bison coats. The ceramic blade by itself is good for ears and feet, but I don't want a very short cut, nearly a bald cut if you attempt to use on medium length coats.