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POWERTRIM™: Dog Ear Hair Trimmer - Gentle and Precise Grooming

  • This Dog Ear Hair Trimmer is perfectly precise to trim your pup's paws, ears, and face very easily 

    Why Do I need this?

    Does the idea of trimming the hair on your dog’s paws and face frighten you?

    It should! It’s so difficult to reach these tiny hairs on your dogs’ paws, and you can easily harm them.

    Using scissors on your dog’s face is truly terrifying. One wrong move and the sharp scissors could cause serious harm to your precious pup! 

    All it takes is one twitch. One sudden Jerk. One involuntary reflex.

    Say goodbye to all those fears with the POWERTRIM, you will be able to do this smoothly with this very precise and Silent trimmer.

    Dog Ear Hair Trimmer

    Trim your dog’s ears, paws, and face effortlessly:



    Scissors can harm your pet, but these will never do that. It also doesn’t overheat.


    Perfect for Small Pets

    Made with small pets so you can perfectly groom them so you can groom even the smallest areas. Trim the overgrown hair between their paws’ pads in seconds.


    Your Pup’s comfort matters

    Don’t let the overgrown hair on their pads collect snow, debris, or dirt.


    Effortless Precision

    The lightweight and ergonomic design make trimming the difficult-to-reach spots and small areas with precision an effortlesstask.


    Battery Lasts Forever

    Convenient USB charging and an all-day battery that lasts for 6 hours on a single charge so you can trim all your pets on a single charge.


    Use it on all Pets

    Use it on dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more!

    Shaving your dog’s paws and hidden spots are important because these tiny places are the bacteria’s favorite place to hide! Neglecting to shave these spots can cause inflammation.

  • Can I use it to trim the hair between their paw pads? 

    Yes, that's the main reason for me actually using it. It makes trimming those nasty hidden hairs so easy that I haven't touched the scissors (for this task) in years! 

    Can I use this dog ear hair removal tool on my pup's bottom? 

    Yes, you can use it on their faces, paws, ears, and even their bottoms. 

    How Quiet is it? 

    This trimmer is rated for 40 decibels, which is one-eighth as loud as 70 decibels, making it very quiet.

    I have a dog with long hair on ears, can I use these to trim those hairs? 

    Yes, and it would be fairly simple. Just make sure to not completely shave those hairs, just trim them to an acceptable length. 

    What is the cutter made of? 

    The narrow head cutter is made for stainless steel

    I have two dogs and three guinea pigs, can I use these on my guinea pigs as well as the dogs? 

    Yes, but make sure to always keep it clean, because you know, hygiene. 

    How long does it take to charge? 

    Using the charger in the box, it takes about 5 hours to fully charge from empty to full. 

    How long do these dog ear hair trimmers last on a single charge? How often will I need to recharge them?

    You can use them on a single charge for about 6 hours before they run out of batteries, so you won't need to recharge it that often.