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RELAXVEST™: Dog Anxiety-Calming Vest



  • Why do you need this?

    It’s incredibly heart-breaking when your dog, who is always trying to be your protector and savior, needs saving.

    Running away while whimpering with their tails tucked in. Shaking, whimpering, and running around like crazy to find a place to hide.

    Anxiety can be incredibly stressful to any dog, and its symptoms are clear as day. What’s worst is its results, which can be aggression, barking, and even biting.

    The RELAXVEST™ will give your dog a tight hug to relieve their stress and make them feel again.

    It has the same effect on them as cuddling with you, and it makes them relax.

    Breathable, high-quality material makes it feel nice on their skin so they can wear it all day, and the flexibility of its material means they can have it on while walking around.

    A Calm dog is a good dog

    By treating anxiety, your dog will not need to chew on your furniture, chase the mailman, or even bite someone.

    Easy to Apply

    It is really easy to apply the vest on your dog, all you have to do is wrap it around and adjust the size based on your dog’s body size.

    It’s like a Hug

    It gives your dog a hug, relaxing them in the process and makes their body releases endorphins to make them feel content and happy.

    Easy to Clean

    The RELAXVEST can be cleaned normally like any piece of clothing you have at home, just put it in your washing machine and it will become clean as new.

    Made of high-quality fabrics that will not have any negative impact on your dog’s skin or health
  • Is there a time limit to wear this?

    There is no time limit on how long it stays on

    Does it help blind dogs?

    If your pet is experiencing anxiety due to being blind, the RELAXVEST could be very helpful!

    Is this a breathable material?

    All styles of the RELAXVEST are made of a lightweight, breathable material