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NOBARK™: Anti Barking Device For Dogs | Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control


This Anti Barking Device for dogs will help you stop dog barking easily 


This ultrasonic dog training device helps you train your dog correct barking, sitting, aggression and other behavioral obedience. It generates non-harmful ultrasound waves that make dogs curious

Key Benefits:
  • It’s harmless to both humans and dogs and fits for most common small, medium, large domestic dogs.It’ll give you effective results that you may not need it after training
  • It’s lightweight so you can take it anywhere; it’salso convenient for you to carry anywhere you need, such as jogging or walking, cycling, park and so on.
  • It has three modes: light only, light + ultrasound for dog training and light + ultrasound for aggressive dogs.

Anti Barking Device for dogs FAQs

Can I use this anti barking sonic device to stop them from chasing cars and bikes? 

If your dog is on a leash and is pulling you, then yeah sure. All you need to do is simply hold the leash in one hand and the device in the other and simply point the device to them and tell them to "STOP!". If your dog doesn't stop, point the device in their direction and push the button, It's very likely that they will stop dead in their tracks. 

After a couple of times, they should stop just at the sight of the device, and then eventually the simple "Stop" should be enough to stop them. 

Can I use this anti barking device for neighbor's dog? 

If they are close by enough that you can point the device at them, then I think it might work. 

Can I use this anti barking sonic device to stop the dog's biting? 

This type of dog barking control devices work as correction tools, so you can use them to train your dog to stop any unwanted behavior, and it should work just as good. 

Can I use the ultrasonic dog bark control device on my dog without it bothering my cat? 

As long as you don't point it at your cat, it shouldn't bother her. 

I have a 7 week old puppy, can I use this anti barking device to keep them quiet? 

You can, but that doesn't mean you should. I think a 7-week old puppy is too young for this device to be used on and it may cause them some harm. I would stick to using it on adult dogs only. 

My dog goes crazy when someone is at the door, can I use this ultrasonic dog barking control device to stop them from barking like crazy? 

I had the same issue and this thing worked like Magic. It took me some time to train them, but after the second time I used the device, they would shut up at the sight of the device.

Can I use this anti barking sonic device to stop the dog from jumping as well? 

Yes, this is a corrective device, and it can be used to train your dog to quit any bad behavior or habit such as jumping.